Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is it a Trick or Treat?

When the doorbell rings the last week of October and nobody is there to greetyou, one has to wonder if there is going to be a trick or a treat. It was dark outside and I was surfing the web to find out the trick or treating hours for our City. We are expecting about 1000 trick or treaters; so I need to be prepared! Anyways ... the doorbell rang. My two-year-old and I went to answer the door and nobody was there. I was half expecting there to be a flaming bag of you know what on the sidewalk. (This actually happened to my Father-in-law) Instead, I found a bag of Halloween treats and a sweet but spooky note. What a nice surprise! Thank you to the neighbor out there who spread a bit of Halloween fun! Happy Halloween to all of you reading this post :)

Note: The pendant is by Misfitgirl on Etsy. I ordered a similar pendant a few years ago and hope to wear it this Halloween!

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