Thursday, March 27, 2008

Book Review of Textile Coil Pots and Baskets: Easy Ways With Fabric and Cord by Helen Deighan

Textile Coil Pots and Baskets: Easy Ways With Fabric and Cord by Helen Deighan is a very inspirational book. I love how each section is set up with a new type of project and one for you to try at the end. She is very encouraging to have you experiment with different types of cording as well as fabrics and techniques. The book has instructions for both hand sewn baskets and machine sewn. She also gives instructions for how to make patterned baskets by using stripes and multiple colored fabrics. The only draw back I found is that since she included so many ideas in this one book, her descriptions are as thorough as they could be. She does include some photos with text to help you get started. I would recommend this as a second book to purchase if you are interested in fabric coiling projects. One technique that made this book worthwhile for me to buy was to wrap as you go. It's a Wrap suggests wrapping fabric ahead of time and then sewing. The advantage of wrapping as you go is you do not have to spend a couple hours wrapping fabric before getting started and you can change colors at the correct spot if you are creating a multi colored basket. I find that if I am making a large basket, I like to wrap the fabric before I start, but with a smaller project, I like to wrap as I go!

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