Friday, August 22, 2008

Upside Down Tomato Plants - My Dad is so Clever

I recently went to visit my parents in Maine, where I grew up. As I walked around the porch I saw something interesting. Ever since I can remember, my mom has had hanging flowers on the porch. Well, this year, there were tomato plants growing out of the bottom of the hangers. My mom said that they were my Dad's tomato plants. Hence, my dad is so clever. They received a ton of rain this year, which wiped out many of the tomatoes in their garden. However, these upside down tomato plants seemed to weather the storm just fine! I told my parents to expect a blog post about this, because I thought it was very interesting and wanted to share it with my readers.


Apple Blossom Designs said...

you've got one clever daddy!

Pauline said...

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Original Cyn Studios said...

love this idea - I just might have to try it as we get so much rain. Thanks Amy and thanks to your clever dad!