Sunday, December 14, 2008

O Christmas Tree

Having grown up in Maine, picking out a Christmas tree has always been quite the traditional family event. My father and mother own many acres of woods. Each year, we would bundle up and go out into the woods as a family. We would sing carols tromping through the snow and see who could pick out the best tree -my father mother, older sister, twin sister and I. Someone would always suggest a tree that was 25 feet tall. My father would reply, "I'm not going to cut a cord of wood for a Christmas tree." It always seemed like the best trees were always the furthest from our starting point. I still went to Maine to pick out a tree with my parents and sisters for many years after having left home.

As time has gone by, now I have my own family. My husband, the little guy and I now find our own Christmas tree. We only own an acre of land at our home in NH. The last few years, we have traveled to the next town over to a nice gentleman's home. He could be Santa Claus. He plants trees in his backyard just for Christmas. The little guy loved walking through the wondrous field of trees. The ride there was beautiful after the ice storm. Everything in sight glistened in the sun. I will always fondly remember my childhood traditions with my family growing up; but I enjoy starting new ones with my own family.
The little guy watched intently as his daddy cut down the tree.

Always a smile on his face when we are outside!

What are your family traditions?


Elaine said...

Ah... I live in a big city, in an apartment. We only have a very small artificial tree but we dutifully decorate it with our hodgepodge of mostly handmade decorations.

One tradition would be the after decoration picture - the first few years, she was smaller than the tree. Lately, she's much taller!

earth baby said...

Beautiful pictures and your boy is so cute!!! The only tradition that has stayed constant since childhood is going to midnight Mass. Even though I've tried to convince my family that 7 pm service is perfectly acceptable too....they aren't buying it.

Allie said...

Precious, Amy!

Valerie said...

I love the shot of David watching the action. He is too cute.
When the kids were little, it was so hard to hold them off till Christmas Morning. On Christmas Eve the would all sit in a circle (four of them) and each would hold a small gift. I would read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and each time the word "and" was read, they would have to pass the gift they had. When the story ended, they would keep which ever one they had. You won't believe how many time the word AND is in that poem!
This year, my grown daughter asked me if we could do that again this year with her son when they come visit. It makes me feel so good that she remembers that and wants to keep it going!

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Love those family traditions....we do not pick out our tree but we have a family bake party, and a family supper a week before the season Christmas! The last few years I started a tradition with grandson...I make him an advent calendar with little gifts...this year I made him 24 little stocking for those gifts instead of using paper!