Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Felted Bowl made with my first handspun yarn

Felted Bowl made with my first handspun yarn.

Some people find a hobby or craft and stick to that particular artistic medium. I, on the other hand, have interest in just about everything. I remember making polymer clay figures, painting and crocheting as a kid. As I got older, I began to sew and quilt. After having children, I began to knit. This Spring, I attended the 35th Annual New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival. They had several workshops available to attend, and I signed up for the Spinning Wool on Drop Spindle Workshop, given by Carol Collins of Singing Spindle Spinnery.

Ms. Collins is a colorful speaker and educator. She started the workshop with some history and stories as she demonstrated how to spin wool. Next she focused on some techniques and we were each given a drop spindle and some wool of our own to start spinning. It was fascinating to see the wool magically turn into yarn right before my eyes. I had difficulty at first, because I over-twisted the wool as I spun. Ms. Collins gave me some pointers and in no time, I was spinning the wool into yarn with ease.

When I got home, finished spinning the rest of the wool given to me into single-ply yarn and then plied the strands into 2-ply yarn. Since it was the first wool yarn that I had spun, I wanted to make a special keepsake with the yarn. I decided to crochet a little bowl and felt it. I think that it turned out just darling and it sits happily on my mantle in my home.

Single Ply Yarn

2-ply wool yarn - My First Handspun Yarn

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